Art and Real Estate | a Relationship Worth Exploring

Art and Real Estate | a Relationship Worth Exploring

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  • 03/12/22

Source: The Orchard in Lincoln Park

To the discerning eye, it is evident that fine art and luxury real estate possess parallels, and even interwoven aspects with one another. But what constitutes this connection, and how can it be further explored and utilized to the advantage of the collector, the luxury home owner, or the art aficionado? Read on as we explore this relationship from a historic point of view as well as examining its significance in the present day.

This work titled “A View of the River Brenta at Stra with the Villa Cappello and the Villa Pisani” by Apollonio Domenichini is available from the Sotheby’s auction house.

Fine art and luxury abodes have remained side-by-side for centuries— from the time of monarchs and royals who commissioned great portraits or elaborate murals to adorn their residences, the foremost painters in the art world have all been highly sought-after by wealthy clients whose desire lies in decorating with only the most valuable and artistically progressive pieces. This, in turn, has influenced the way luxury homes themselves are crafted; visual techniques borrowed from the latest tendency in the art world have inspired multiple iconic eras in architecture and design that serve to turn the home into its own work of art.

For collectors, this resulted in a new market for high-value art pieces: sought-after properties that had been designed by premier architects and designers were becoming as prized as the paintings and photographs that often adorned them. As this trend of designer homes grew, auction houses like Sotheby’s that had traditionally dealt in only art and antiques turned their expertise towards this new and exciting frontier in luxury real estate.

The above residence at The Orchard in Lincoln Park is completed with artworks from Chairish (left) and Soicher Marin Art (right).

Today, luxury home and art collecting go hand in hand. A true designer home is never complete without inspired pieces of artistic history to accompany it, just as a valuable work of art is not complete without a curated space in which to display it. For brokerages such as Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty, with its rich heritage, expertise, and connections from the longstanding Sotheby’s Auction House, bridging the gap between art and real estate has never been easier.

So what makes the connection between these two concepts so powerful? To quote the quintessential American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright: “The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilization.” Simply put, a balanced space is the anchor point on which other forms of visual art are fixed.

​​​​​​​Consider - where is a renowned painting or photograph more visually pleasing than when it is paired with a space that facilitates its beauty? Just as our homes would be empty and lifeless without art, so would art be unfocused and directionless without a home.

If you have been looking for the perfect work of art with which to adorn your home, Sotheby’s Auction House provides the world’s premier collections of art and collectible decor. 

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