From Velvet to Marble | Choosing the Right Texture

From Velvet to Marble | Choosing the Right Texture

  • Extraordinary Living
  • 03/29/22

The rich and lavish textures found in the most exclusive homes can be easily added to your decor. Textures create visual interest, break up a monotonous color scheme, and spruce up interiors. Using new fabrics on your drapes, a plush rug to counter cold tile floors, or painting a side table with metallic accents are just some ways to enhance your home environment—and your life.

Read on to explore 6 luxurious ways to add texture into your home’s decor.


01. Think in Three Dimensions

An interior space is never two-dimensional, and is certainly more than a series of flat surfaces to fill with objects. A space is a living and voluminous part of one’s life, therefore the way in which we adorn it with textures must match. Think about textures that will contrast well with each other, like an antique tapestry that seems to jump out from an otherwise flat wall, or textures that can layer on top of each other nicely, such as a plush throw blanket over a sleek linen couch.


02. Add Warmth

While luxury minimalism is still all the rage in interior design today, most designers will agree that nothing is worse than a cold or flat home. Bring warmth into your space with bold texture choices like a robust leather couch, unique light fixtures that break the mold, or large canvas paintings that can help visually break up nondescript spaces. Rugs are also an excellent choice for adding visual— and literal— warmth to a hardwood or tile interior.


03. Utilize Accessories

Often the art of staging and composing vignettes does not come down to the variety of objects used, but the variety of textures in each design. Look for accessories that complement your home’s style while not being afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. Glossy or metallic pieces stand out more when contrasted with matte ones, and natural textures such as wood or stone can help add an air of authenticity to any space.


04. Evoke A Feeling

When deciding on textures to use in your space, think foremost about the feelings that you would like the room to evoke— is this space serving as a sanctuary, a place for relaxation and contemplation? Think in soft, comforting textures such as velvet or Scandinavian wood. Will this space serve to fuel creativity and excitement? Bright and reflective elements like glass, especially in furniture or chandeliers, as well as glossy metals or marble help add light and drama.


05. Less Can Be More

At the end of the day, your home is meant to be a perfect balance of your chosen style. A home that is too cluttered with disparate elements can cause distraction or even anxiety, so the tried and true motto of “less is more” also applies to the textures you use in a space. Stick to a singular theme and only choose textures that add qualitatively to your space, building upon a blank canvas of neutrals in order to make your statement pieces stand out that much more.


06. Go Monochrome

If you want the textures in your room to shine, try paring back all other elements to really allow the unique depth and characteristics of textural interest to carry the interior direction. We love monochromatic rooms as a great way to experiment with this technique, especially in areas where you want the room to speak a bit more “softly” like in a bedroom, or where you can try out an unexpectedly bold color in a smaller space- like a guest bathroom or powder room.


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